A Guide to BC Game Casino Games

It can be overwhelming to start playing casino games on the BC Games platform, so it’s important to understand how these games work. 

To ensure a good experience, it’s best to set a budget and stick to it. With this tutorial, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to start enjoying the games on offer.

Basics of BC Game Casino Games

Bc Game Casino Games


It happens to be a pool of money used for paying winners. A player can win only 0.75 % of the bankroll in a round. 

Only 1.125% of the funds can be won by a player in one round. A player can become a bankroller by betting on the bankroll.

Dilution fee

Every time a player bets on the house, other bankrollers get 2 % of the bet depending on their stake in the bankroll.

 In other words, a player gets a portion of the 2 % dilution fee when someone else bets on the house. 

The Maxbet feature

Every casino game has it. It is the maximum amount available in the wallet for a single bet. 

The amount multiplies according to the multiplier chosen when one wins the bet. One loses the entire amount by losing the bet.

How to play some of the BC Game Casino Games 

Playing Hash Dice

It is a fair game with a 1% house edge. To play

  • Set a predicted interval 
  • Set the amount and click ROLL
  • It will display a random number between 0 and 99999
  • One wins if the number exceeds the set value; else loses.

The minimum Winning profit is 1.0102 X. It can rise to 99,000 X.


Limbo In Bcgames

The game includes a rocket that rises continuously and can explode at any moment. 

It drops treasures while it goes up. Players predicting the exact explosion time can get those. The game comes with a 1% house edge.

  • To win, the target payout should be below the Limbo result.
  • The target multiplier is 1,000,000X
  • One can also play the game in Auto mode.

Classic Dice

It is one of the fair BC Game that makes betting and prediction more fun. The game has only a 1% house edge.

  • The outcomes hitting the green area win
  • Players cannot use their dice 
  • Players can use the script with all associated risks to their accounts.
  • They can also play the game with auto-mode instructions.

Saviour Sword slots :

The game is about defeating evil using the power of the Saviour Sword. It is a 5-reel and 1-row video slot game that features a lucky spin and bonus re-spin. Players also have a unique opportunity to multiply their wins. To play

Step 1: Set the bet amount.
Step 2: Tap the Bet button for manual betting.
Step 3: Press the ‘HOLD FOR AUTO‘ tab for a few seconds to start auto-betting for 100 rounds.

When a diamond symbol appears on the reel, it denotes a payout. If a cat symbol appears, it denotes a cat re-spin and guarantees a bonus reward. When 3 Sword symbols on a reel indicate a lucky spin.

wheel BC Game:

This includes a strange bird perched on the wheel. Players have to make it dizzy by constantly spinning round and round. Players can also get rewards for teasing the strange bird. The game also comes with a 1% house edge. To play the game,

  • Players can make the wheel spin by betting with some crypto coins
  • They should set the risk level at low, medium, or high.
  • Also, select segments like 10,20,30,40 and 50. A higher number of segments give more chances to win. 
  • Players should pay close attention during the game till it ends and watch all actions of the strange bird.

Cave of Plunder

It is a unique slot game offered by BC Games. It includes one reel with one symbol and three towers full of bonuses. When a player gets a special symbol displayed on the tower, the bonus adds to the cash pot. The player also climbs a step higher on the ladder. To play the game,

Step 1: Choose the bet amount and the preferred crypto.
Step 2: Click on the auto start by setting the number of bets.
Step 3: All win lines are calculated separately, and the winnings are paid per the towers’ pay table. Only the highest win in a line counts. The final result is computed by adding wins on different lines.

Playing BlackJack:

This card game involves a few players and the dealer. 

  • Each player gets two cards with their faces up. The dealer also gets two cards. One is exposed (face up), and the other is hidden (face down).
  • Players can draw additional HIT cards or stand without drawing cards when the sum of the value of the cards does not exceed 21.
  • Once all players have gone through their turns, the dealer reveals the hidden card and hits until the total is 17 or more points.

Playing crash

It includes a rising multiplier that might crash at any time. Players get only 6 seconds to place bets before the game starts.

  • The multiplier starts rising from 1.00 X as the game starts.
  • Players can cash out at any time by locking the current multiplier.
  • The payoff will be the tomes denoted by the current multiplier. 
  • Staying longer gives chances to get a higher payoff. Once the multiplier crashes, the player loses everything.

Now that you know the basics and how to play various BC Game Casino Games, play and enjoy the fun and excitement!

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