BC Game Platform: Know its features

Are you looking for a fun and exciting online gaming experience? Look no further than BC Game, the innovative betting site that offers various games, including slots, live casinos, and originals. 

It is becoming increasingly popular among gamers with easy navigation, many options, and flexibility. Read on to discover the various features of the BC Game platform.

What is Bankroll?

Bc Game Platform

It happens to be a pool of money used for paying winners. The size of the bankroll determines how much one can win. A player can win only 0.75 % of the bankroll in a round.

 Only 1.125% of the funds can be won by a player in one round. A player can become a bankroller by betting on the bankroll. It is then added to the bankroll, and the player wins and losses when the house wins or losses.

Operation of the pool funds

The bankroll puts a shareholding system into effect. Everyone can participate and obtain corresponding shares.

 The house edge is fixed at 1%. It is reserved for operational costs. The balance of 99% of each bet goes to the bankroll.

Working principles of leverage investment

After deducting the dilution fee, the platform adds a multiplier to your initial investment. If the bankroll decreases, making the initial investment zero, the player is liquidated and loses the investment. One can also use this for off-site investment.

What is the Dilution fee?

Every time a player bets on the house, other bankrollers get 2 % of the bet depending on their stake in the bankroll. In other words, a player gets a portion of the 2 % dilution fee when someone else bets on the house. 

Chat & Forum Rules

The following are the official chat rules set by this platform. Players need to abide by these rules while on the platform.

  • No begging: The platform does not allow active or passive begging for tips or rains. Players opting for these are muted or banned.
  • Do not include referral links: BC Game does not allow posting referral links. While clean links are okay, posting referral links will likely result in a ban. If one spots any malicious link on the platform, that should be immediately highlighted.
  • Do not spam or post irrelevant content: Do not post anything on the platform that might be considered spam. Posting the same message repeatedly or an irrelevant message is treated as spam.
  • Make no Derogatory remarks: While the platform supports the freedom of speech, it does not allow any derogatory remarks about gender, race, or religion. Doing this entails immediate banning without a second chance.
  • No Borrowing, Lending, or Trading: Do not try to borrow or lend crypto coins or trade anything via chat. The platform takes no responsibility for any issue arising out of such activities.
  • Obey Admins, Mods, and Support Staff: Their decision is final, and a player must immediately stop any activity if instructed. Non-compliance will lead to banning.
  • Have fun on the platform: Comply with the rules set and enjoy your stay there. Gamin is more about enjoying the experience than winning. 

VIP Program

It includes the following five tiers and offers more rewards and cumulative bonuses.

  • Bronze Card
  • Silver Card
  • Gold Card
  • Platinum Card
  • Diamond Card

As one advances through the tiers, one gets more rewards and bonuses. Players must reach the wager needed for every level. One gets an equivalent XP for a wager of every dollar.

It adds up for progressing through the levels. The program also has secret treasures besides VIP-level rewards.

Chat Room rewards

It has many rewards, including the following:

  • Rains are sent by users or the platform to randomly chosen recipients.
  • Coin Drops: Sent to the first player who clicks when it appears.
  • Task Bonuses: Available against performing various daily and weekly tasks

BC Game VaultPro

It is a unique feature that lets players earn passive earnings. The feature offers an annual percentage rate of 10% per annum for BCD (BC Dollar) and 5% interest per annum for other currencies.

It works with 2FA authentication. No one, except the depositor, can access the fund deposited in the VaultPro. The system calculates interest after 24 hours of the deposit. Players can easily access VaultPro via the following steps.

Step 1: Go to the wallet

Step 2: Click VaultPro

BC Game Provable Fairness

It works on an algorithm that ensures the fairness of the games for the players. The Provable fairness system counts on the following variables.

  • Server seed which the site provides
  • The browser of the players gives the client seed; they can adjust the same.
  • Cryptographic nonce growing parallel to the players’ bets.

The process appears complicated to those who do not have enough exposure to the crypto world. The platform produces the seed number first. It then goes to the bettor through hashing that makes long data short.

Because of the hashing and the randomness involved, no one can easily change it. It goes to the player where for seed encryption. The browser of the bettor also randomly generates a seed.

The interaction of both seeds creates the result of the bet. The nonce starts at 0 or 1, depending on the site, and increases with every bet placement. The algorithm uses them for selecting a randomized action in the game. Players can verify the fairness of the games through a verifier.

Unique mNFT option

The BC Game Platform stays steps ahead with its NFT features. It supports NFT depositions for playing. Players can check the acceptable NFTs for deposition. The platform also allows splitting the NFTs into mNFTs after the deposition. The NFT is included in the lucky spin for giving rewards.

Hope you have found the BC Game Platform features useful. Enjoy gaming!

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