How to play Bitcoin Live Casino and Game Shows

Want to enjoy pleasurable leisure with a scope of passive income? Bitcoin live casino and game shows can deliver that.

Starting from a humble beginning in 2009, Bitcoin has established itself as a premium cryptocurrency. Bitcoin enjoys growing popularity, and people have started realizing what it provides. It has also permeated many sectors including the gambling industry.

Traditional casinos that use fiat currencies have many associated problems. Integration of Bitcoin into the online gaming sector has opened a new vista for gamers. Bitcoin lives casinos offer a new experience in the online gaming sector if you know how to play.

In case you are new to gaming, this page can give you the inputs to start your Bitcoin adventure.

List of the Most Popular Bitcoin Live Casinos:

History of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency in the world. A person(s) named Satoshi Nakamoto has invented this. It is now the most popular digital currency and has its presence in many sectors. Bitcoin has also entered the gambling industry through Bitcoin live casinos. It has got a strong footing because of its advantages.

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What are Bitcoin live casino?

Live Bitcoin casinos allow one allow a gamer to get the best gaming experience with never-ending actions and thrills. While they primarily use Bitcoin for all transactions, Some altcoin casinos offer Ethereum and other digital currencies as a secondary payment mode.

Bitcoin live casino is different from traditional gaming platforms. These include advanced technologies and enable live streaming options. They bring live dealers to the desktop or smartphone and relieve you from the trouble of visiting land and mortar casinos. Live Bitcoin casinos allow gamers to interact with dealers and players from any corner of the world. Thus one can enjoy the thrill and excitement of genuine casinos. The live Bitcoin casinos also use real money wagers. All these make Bitcoin casinos an ace in the sleeve.

Working of Bitcoin live casinos

No basic difference is there between Bitcoin live casinos and regular live casinos. In both cases, one earns by winning a bet. The only difference is that the traditional live casinos use fiat currencies and the Bitcoin live casinos accept Bitcoin to play and clear winnings. One can play games on Bitcoin live casino websites using their laptop, desktop without downloading any software. They can also play games on the move by using their mobile devices. Live dealers operate the Bitcoin live casino games without the involvement of any random number generator. It lets one enjoy an immense gaming experience. As these casinos use blockchain technologies, they provide provably fair games without any bias.

Moreover, the use of Bitcoin provides a hassle-free transaction experience. Unlike fiat currencies, Bitcoin is a decentralized currency and, therefore, it is more secure and involves simple payment modes.

Live Casino Game Show Monopoly

Making Bitcoin Live Casino deposits

Gamers need to have a Bitcoin wallet for playing in Bitcoin live casinos. One can have anyone from desktop wallets, mobile wallets, web wallets, hardware wallets, and paper wallets. Software wallets are also called hot wallets. To use them one needs to download software. Their access and uses are easy. They need a private key, and that is kept in another server. Hardware wallets are almost similar to USB drives. This physical device stores the private keys generated offline. As such, they are more secure than software wallets. Paper wallets are offline wallets. They come with printed private and public keys and offer one hundred percent security. One can get Bitcoin through exchange platforms and deposit that into wallets. Subsequently, they can deposit Bitcoin from wallets to Bitcoin live casinos.

Making Bitcoin Live Casino withdrawals

Bitcoin live casino front pages include a tab for withdrawing the winnings Clicking on the tab displays withdrawal methods. One should choose a method, mention the amount to be withdrawn, and click the withdraw button. It pops up an information page asking for the address of the wallet. Gamers should enter the address and the approval code for immediate transactions. Rules for withdrawals vary with casinos. Some impose a limit on the withdrawal amount so one must check those before requesting a withdrawal. Gamers get the amount in their wallets as soon as the blockchain validates the transaction.

What one can play

Bitcoin live casinos enjoy a hoard of live dealer games. The gaming options offered vary from one live casino to another. However, Most of them include

  • Live Baccarat: It involves lower stakes. It allows choosing of a table with a specific feature depending on the live casino. Some tables may allow side bets or card peeks.
  • Live Blackjack: Blackjack is a game of strategy and it is why many gamers love to play this. As one plays with a real dealer and real cards, it yields all the charms of real-life casinos.
  • Live Poker: This card game has gained much popularity among live casino games. Many Poker variants are available in different live casinos.
  • Live Roulette: It is absorbing and one can learn it easily. A live dealerthrows the ball and spins the wheel. There are also many variations like American, European, and French roulettes. There are different betting ways and many opportunities to win.
  • Live Game Shows: The leader of companies providing Game Shows is absolutely Evolution Games. They offer the most popular live games like Crazy Time, Monopoly, Dream Catcher, Lighting Dice or Roulette ….
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Advantages of Bitcoin Live Casinos

Bitcoin live casino offers many games for playing. One can enjoy a genuine casino ambiance as actions take place under the eyes of the gamer. Moreover, Bitcoin overrides fiat currencies in terms of anonymity, quick transaction, and security. These casinos maintain a high level of privacy and are cost-effective. These also offer several bonus and promo offers. One can play in free time from the comfort of the home or while traveling.

Summing up

None could imagine an independent currency free from all authoritative controls two decades ago. But Bitcoin made that possible. Integration of Bitcoin with gambling resulted in anonymity, flexibility, and security. Now, one can do online gambling from anywhere across the world. Like all other gambling platforms, Bitcoin live casinos are also associated with certain risks. One should, therefore, do sufficient research and give serious thought before indulging in this.