The BC Game Deposit Process: Insights

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular than fiat currencies in online gaming due to their cost-effectiveness, speed, and security. 

Those looking for a reliable and innovative crypto-gambling website should consider BC Game. It offers a wide variety of games and has a hassle-free streamlined deposit method, making it an excellent choice for players. 

Moreover, the platform supports numerous digital currencies, giving users the best possible experience in the industry.

BC Game Deposits and Limits

Payment options are vital in determining whether a gambling site is good. Being a crypto gambling site, it relieves players by allowing wide payment options.

Players who prefer to make fiat currency deposits can do so by converting them to cryptocurrency. The platform is compatible with the most popular digital coins, including the following ones. 

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple
  • Dogecoin

The online casino also offers many other options so that players can experiment with different coins. Players can access the cooperative wallet when making deposits.

The wallet contains around 150 currencies. Players should know the basic information like coin value and others before using that for transferring funds to the account for betting.

Virtual coins come with different values and have no standard limit. Players have to check with the specific deposit option to know the limits. Additionally, they should verify bonus codes and the minimum deposit for claiming a deposit bonus.

Steps Involved In BC Game Deposits

Players can transfer money to their account through simple steps. 

Opening the deposit portal: 

Go to ‘My Wallet’ on the account profile. Find the deposit section. Next, go to the deposit page by clicking on the same.

Wallet Option

Choosing the coin: 

The account allows access to an exhaustive list of available coins; pick one.

Deposit In Bcgames

Getting the address:

Each transaction on the site is associated with a unique wallet address generated. One must copy the same. Alternatively, players can also scan the QR code for the wallet address.

Entering the amount: 

Check the minimum deposit requirement for the currency selected to decide on the amount deposited in the playing account. Put the amount and paste the casino-generated address and send.

Wait for funds: 

Wait for funds to arrive once the transaction is complete. You can verify it from ‘My Wallet.’

Is It Possible To Make Another Deposit To Claim The Deposit Bonus?

Yes. One can do that when the deposit is less than the minimum amount. BC Game endeavors to make the bonus-claiming process as simple as possible.

The platform allows players to top up the balance to meet the minimum deposit requirement for claiming the deposit bonus. Different currencies have different minimum deposit requirements. So, one must confirm the same beforehand.

BC Game Deposits with Supported Fiat Currencies

Players should go to the “My Wallet” page and deposit page.

They must copy the generated wallet address or scan the QR code. Next, they should click the ‘Buy Crypto’ button to deposit supported currencies.

Steps to Funding the Account

Step 1: Go to the sports betting site

Step 2: Visit the cashier page

Step 3: Select the payment mode

Step 4: Enter the deposit amount

Step 5: Confirm the deposit

Frequently Asked Questions

Does It Allow Deposition With Cryptocurrency Only?

Although it primarily supports crypto deposit methods, players can buy cryptocurrency with fiat currency for deposition. Players can choose from several cryptocurrency options available, including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Ripple.

How Long Does It Take To Deposit?

All blockchain transactions need a few minutes for confirmation to make a deposit through. Players can check the progress by clicking on the deposit link.

Is It Possible To Use Different Cryptos For Deposits And Withdrawals?

The platform favors the same payment options for deposits and withdrawals. However, one can withdraw with a different digital coin other than the one used in the deposit when this cannot be done. Players should take help from the chat room for any advice.

Why Are Fund Deposits Not Allowed Sometimes Into Sports Accounts?

It could happen by using smart contracts for deposition. Sometimes the platform does not support smart contracts with some digital coins. Players must contact the support team in such cases.

The account needs to pass KYC verification to be active. A deposition is not possible with an incomplete registration process. Players must visit the chat room to learn about the reasons behind it.

What Happens If I Forget The Password?

The crypto casino and sportsbook allow resetting of the password in a few minutes when one forgets the same. Click the “Forgot Password” tab on the signup page to receive an email with resetting instructions.

Clicking on the link lets one have the new password. Players should contact the operator to remove the 2-factor authentication if the phone is lost.

Is it possible to change the username and registered email address?

It is not possible. The information provided in the registration form is permanent. Players must close the account if they cannot use it and open a new one. Always activate 2FA security.

Is It Possible To Use The Wallet For Casino And Sports Betting?

Yes. One can use a registered account for playing casino games and sports betting. The first deposit bonus a player claims determines the product to access. One can also sign up on the regular site of the platform or the app.

What is BC Swap?

It is a service offered by the platform for exchanging cryptocurrencies. It saves time. Players can use this for gambling with the coin they prefer.

What is Vault Pro?

It is an exclusive bank banking service against BC Game Deposits. It allows the balance to grow with an APR (annual percentage rate) of 5% for the deposits made.

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