BC Game Withdrawals: Things you need to know

One of the most popular crypto casinos, BC Game, offers an impressive selection of games and great promotional offers. 

But how do you withdraw your rewards? Well, there are a few methods to do so. You will find an option that suits your needs, from quick withdrawals to low fees. Withdrawing your winnings has always been challenging.

What is BC Game?

BC Game is the ultimate destination for online crypto gamblers, offering an array of exciting games with stunning visuals and bonuses. 

It supports multiple cryptocurrencies and provides quick withdrawals with higher mining fees than other platforms. It promises to deliver the best gaming experience around.

Withdrawals & Transaction Times

Almost all BC Game payment methods are linked with support payouts. So, players can pick one from the list. The platform recommends withdrawing through the cryptocurrency used for making deposits. 

The preferred crypto also determines the minimum requirements. As different cryptocurrencies have different values, the minimum withdrawal amounts vary with the choice of cryptocurrency. 

Players must check the coin options for this.

The duration for completing the withdrawal process depends on the withdrawal amount involved. 

Withdrawing large amounts needs additional verification, which will likely take longer. The selected cash-out method also affects the time taken for withdrawal. Depending on the blockchain and the fees involved, it might range from several minutes to hours.

How to make BC Game Withdrawals?

It allows withdrawals through cryptocurrencies. Players can withdraw funds through their wallets. The platform accepts over one hundred cryptocurrencies, making the withdrawal process easy and convenient. The site also accepts fiat currencies despite favoring crypto withdrawal modes.

You may have won substantial money and want to exit while staying profitable. It takes only a few minutes to send the cash-out request. One can follow the below steps for withdrawing winnings from the BC Game balance to one’s wallet.

Step 1: Tap the Wallet button next to the balance display and choose the coin for withdrawal.

Step 2: Copy and paste the generated wallet address in the “Withdraw Address” field.

Step 3: Fill in the memo if the wallet needs it.

Withdraw In Bcgame

Step 4: Make double and triple checks to ensure you have inserted the correct info before confirming the transaction. No redo or chargeback options are available.

Step 5: Authorize the transaction by tapping on the confirm button.

Step 6: Wait for the reflection of the amount in your wallet.

All withdrawals attract a transaction fee that depends on the blockchain. Because of the almost instantaneous BC Game Withdrawals, they charge higher fees than other sites.

Players can check all BC Game withdrawals by selecting the coin, clicking first on the ‘Bill,’ and then on ‘Withdraw.’ It displays the transaction list.

Large or suspicious withdrawal amounts are manually processed after an audit. It takes 1 to 6 hours and sometimes takes longer.

Withdrawals restrictions

Withdrawal restrictions apply for using deposit bonuses. Almost all BC Game bonuses have wagering requirements.

Payers must satisfy the conditions for a particular type of deposit bonus to withdraw winnings. Players are not allowed cash out if there is no wagering of bonus funds, free spins, or betting the specified number of times.

Deposit bonuses also help establish sporting events for betting and playing crypto games. Not all payment modes are available in all geographic regions.

Each withdrawal process has a minimum level that depends on the cryptocurrency used. It also attracts a withdrawal fee depending on the crypto coin. This usually lies around 0.1% only.

Accepted currencies

  • EUR
  • RUB
  • ARS
  • BDT
  • BRL
  • CLP
  • CUC
  • CZK and 24 others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible To Use Different Cryptos For Deposits And Withdrawals?

The platform favors the same payment options for deposits and withdrawals. However, one can withdraw with a different digital coin other than the one used in the deposit, when this cannot be done. Players should take help from the chat room for any advice.

Why Are Fund Deposits Not Allowed Sometimes Into Sports Accounts?

It could happen for using unsupported smart contracts, problems in KYC verification, incomplete registration process, etc. Players must visit the chat room to know the reason. 

What Happens If I Forget The Password?

The crypto casino and sportsbook allow resetting of the password in a few minutes when one forgets the same. Click the “Forgot Password” tab on the signup page to receive an email with resetting instructions. Clicking on the link lets one have the new password. Players should contact the operator to remove the 2-factor authentication if the phone is lost.

Is it possible to change the username and registered email address?

It is not possible. The information provided in the registration form is permanent. Players must close the account if they cannot use it and open a new one. Always activate 2FA security.

Is It Possible To Use The Wallet For Casino And Sports Betting?

Yes. One can use a registered account for playing casino games and sports betting. The first deposit bonus a player claims determines the product to access. One can also sign up on the regular site of the platform or the app.

What is the time needed doe withdrawal?

Blockchain transactions must pass through several confirmations, which generally take 5 to 10 min to 1 hour.

How many deposit confirmations are required before withdrawal?

A minimum of 3 confirmations are needed for withdrawal. One may check it on the cashier page.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

As different cryptocurrencies have different values, the minimum amount for withdrawals varies.

What to do if there is a problem?

Take the help of the chat option in case there is a problem in BC Game Withdrawals.

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