Know Some Interesting Facts About Bitcoin Lottery Sites

Description: If you are a lottery enthusiast and keen on knowing and playing your fortune on the Bitcoin Lottery Sites, you are in the right place. Read on to gather more information on how these sites can work for you


Lotteries have been around and are to be known as bread-and-butter of gambling. The history of the lotteries can be traced from the 15th century onward. Thanks to the advanced technologies and the gaining momentum of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, lottery enthusiasts as well as an online gamer can now earn money through Bitcoin Lottery Sites. The interesting part is that a player need not know much about buying cryptocurrencies or mining to buy a lottery ticket and still can win bitcoins. According to experts, the first Bitcoin lottery gets held at the end of the year 2017. Read further to know some fascinating inputs about these unique and latest lottery trends.

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Bitcoin Lotery Sites

What is a Bitcoin lottery?

According to experts from the gambling industry, a bitcoin lottery is not far from the real-world lottery. In an essence, bitcoin lottery games offered by casinos, require the players to buy a ticket that contains a set of numbers. Once the game begins, some sets of numbers are randomly drawn against the number displayed in the player’s ticket. If this happens a player stands to win a real-world prize, which is paid in Bitcoin. A Bitcoin lottery is as simple as that. Let us know how the lottery processes work for passionate players.

How does a Bitcoin lottery work?

It is now the time to look and understand the whole process involved while using the Bitcoin Lottery Sites on the web world:

  • A player buys a Bitcoin lottery ticket that costs the Bitcoin(BTC) equivalent of 2$
  • The ticket contains six numbers ranging from 1-49
  • When the game starts, randomly drawn numbers form 1-49 are displayed
  • If these displayed numbers match with the ticket of the player, he or she wins the bitcoin jackpot.

Here, the amount offered is to be the percentage of the total ‘pool’ where the pool is made by the number of tickets that have been sold. Here the matching of ‘balls’ is taken into account while deciding the bitcoin jackpot.

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What are the pros and cons of Bitcoin lotteries?

Players can now find an innumerable number of Bitcoin Lottery Sites on the Internet. However, it is the responsibility of each player to pick the right website to win some money. Of course, there are some pros and cons of playing these new and trendy bitcoin lotteries. For the benefit of the players and the readers some of the key pros and cons are discussed below:


  • Players have great chances to win big prizes
  • Entering these sites carry fewer risks
  • No knowledge and experience of bitcoin is needed
  • Anyone can play the game from anywhere.
  • Can be played through mobile phones
  • Full transparency guaranteed
  • Fair and true play is assured for the players.


Know the types of bitcoin lottery games

The term ‘Bitcoin lottery ‘ is a quite large one as most of the reputed Bitcoin Lottery Sites offer different variations in the game. Whatever may be the version of the game a play chooses, both ticket sales, as well as the prizes, are paid in Bitcoins. Let us know a few of the Bitcoin lottery games here:

Balls are copied from the traditional lottery: Perhaps this is the first type of Bitcoin lottery that has entered the market. In this type, it is easy to verify the numbers after each draw. It offers a large prize amount and this type of Bitcoin lottery uses less technology.

Balls are drawn through Provable Fair” Provable Fair is considered to be one of the oldest versions of the games found in 2013 by using the Bitcoin Dice. In this type of game, the outcome of the game is generated fairly irrespective of the gambling played by the player. Here the Provably Fair mechanism generates the seed and the game starts after this creation. Once the seeds are hashed, the system will generate the balls. One can always verify the entire process at any given time.

Balls are drawn through software: Here the Bitcoin Lottery Sites use a third-party software provider to draw the balls. This type is said to be very unique and differs from the other two types described above. Here the winning is determined by the number of tickets sold. In this type, the winnings are determined on fixed odds.

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Bitcoin Casinos

Players can also use various ways to gamble with Bitcoin other than playing in the Bitcoin Lottery Sites. There are many online Bitcoin casinos one can find in the web world. One has to sign up for a Bitcoin Bet. One can also play at the land-based Bitcoin casino. However, Bitcoin gambling is very much limited as there are only a few Bitcoin gambling machines available even in the reputed casinos. The point here is to know that there are several ways to gamble with Bitcoin. Websites that offer Provable Fair casinos are known to be fair in conducting Bitcoin games. This is the right test for checking the bitcoin lottery sites.


Undoubtedly, playing a bitcoin lottery looks to be a new concept. However, the way these Bitcoin Lottery Sites work is not that complicated for the players. Considering the factors such as licensing, diverse games, fair play, site’s easy navigation, easy withdrawals, and genuine bonuses, most of the reputed bitcoin lottery sites provide a perfect balance. By choosing a fair lottery site, you are assured to get fair results. Players can browse these innumerable sites on the web world and can make a comparative study of the pros and cons of each site before making some fun and fortune in the playing process.