Gambling Betting should be Responsible, Games Fairness

Gambling Betting should be Responsible, Games Fairness

Is Roobet fair? Here’s a little bit about their proven fair scheme used in all their games. In 2020, one of the greatest issues that anyone in a (crypto) online casino has is fairness. Often times when you’re gambling, betting on large losing or winning bet streaks you’re starting to wonder if any foul play is going on.

They don’t just ask for your confidence at Crypto Casino Roobet – they’re 100% open with how we produce the result of every single bet you make. They are using the same proven fair technology used in most online casinos, as well as in brick and mortar.

Right now you can press below each of our matches on the “Show Probably Fair” button and read more about how they specifically create the result for that game.

Every Roobet game is proven to be honest.

What is that meaning? It means that the results of each match are predetermined and the results of a game can not be predicted or changed by either the house (that’s them) or any other player.

Each game’s outcomes are calculated from a hash string, and by mixing two other hash strings, one private and the other public, they get that hash string. How they create personal and public hashes varies on the game, but basically they will create personal hash (or “personal key”), store it on their servers, and never share it. This guarantees no player is able to predict a game’s outcomes. Then they combine private hash with a public hash (or “public key”), which is public information and, more importantly, the house (hello again) doesn’t know what this public hash is. This guarantees that the house is also unable to forecast a game’s outcomes.

Finally, each of our matches has a distinctive way to show predetermined outcomes. To learn more, just visit the ROOBET site and click on any of the game tabs above.

The house edges on all of ROOBET games:
Towers: 1%, Roulette: 2.7%, Dice: 1%, Crash: 1%, Mines: 1%

Good luck and responsible gambling betting in Roobet Casino …

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