CSGORoll Coinflip, Dice Duels, and Case Battle Guide

Gambling with skins or items is a popular trend at CSGORoll, an online gaming platform. Players can deposit and exchange skins for coins to bet on the platform, use coins to purchase skins, or make withdrawals.

Several gaming options are available to gamblers, such as Coinflip, Dice Duels, and Case Battle. 

All of these offer a chance for players to win their bets by flipping a coin, throwing dice, or competing against each other. This guide provides helpful tips and advice for those looking to bet on Coinflip, Dice Duels, and Case Battle at CSGORoll.

1CSGORoll Coinflip

Playing CSGORoll Coinflip


Coinflip is a great option for those who do not prefer complex rules. Players can play through the following steps.

Step 1: Click on the tab “Create Duel.”

Step 2:Select “Coin Flip”

Step 3:Choose the skins

Step 4:Check the wager and Coinflip value

Step 5:Tap on the ‘Create Duel’ tab and flip the coin

Step 6:The game is quite entertaining. One can win easily as the game has 50:50 odds.

Strategies for winning

It involves bankroll management and progression.

  • Bankroll management: 

Players need to manage their bankroll correctly to stay profitable in the long run. Players must create their bankrolls with the amount they can afford to lose. They should also set up profit goals & loss limits and fix the bet size. All these help to cut off losses 

  • Considering the Fibonacci Progression:

While Martingale is a good option for CSGORoll Coinflip, the Fibonacci Progression can manage the risk in a better way.

Fibonacci sequence on Coinflip

This simple math can help one to win in Coinflip. It is all about a sequence of numbers where every number is the sum of the two previous numbers. The series 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233 is an example of a typical Fibonacci sequence. Like Martingale, one must increase the bet size following the Fibonacci sequence.

Using the Fibonacci sequence

One must fix the betting unit first. It is better to start with an amount between 0.010% and 0.50% of the bankroll and play. It helps prevent bad streaks. Moreover, players must go one number up in the sequence when there is a loss and should come by two numbers.

2CSGORoll Dice Duels

Playing CSGORoll dice Duels


Start playing through the following steps.

Step 1: Click on “Create Duel”

Step 2: Select “Dice Battle”

Step 3: Choose skins to bet

Step 4: Check coins that are worth the duel 

Step 5: Click on “Create Duel” 

Step 6: Roll the dice

Playing is easy. Most players play only one round and roll two dice. The highest combination wins.

Best Strategies to adopt

Dice Duels involves PvP gaming, and therefore, players should focus on the basics via the following steps.

  • Control the Bankroll: The game has 50% winning chances. Managing the bankroll can help prevent bad streaks and ride on the good ones. Create the bankroll with the amount you can lose to prevent emotional involvement.
  • Set The Bet Size, Profits & Losses: It is ideal for fixing the bet size between 0.10% and 1.00% of the bankroll. Players should also fix their daily, weekly, and monthly profit goals and limits for daily, weekly, and monthly losses.
  • Try Martingale System: It is a good option since the game comes with 50:50 odds. However, players must control their losses and profits as well.
  • Try Fibonacci Sequence: Not all strategies work all the time for everybody. If the Martingale system fails, one can try the Fibonacci sequence.

3CSGORoll Case Battle 

Playing CSGORoll Case Battle

Case Battle

Start playing via the following steps.

Step 1: Click on ‘Create Duel’

Step 2: Select “Case Battle”

Step 3: Click on ‘Add Box. This adds cases to the battle

Step 4: Set to personalize the experience

Step 5: Click on ‘Create duel’ to start

The skins come with fixed values; the player un-boxing the most valuable skins wins. It comes with 50-50 winning chances. A player can create a battle or join an existing battle.

Best Strategies to adopt

  • Create a Bankroll: The game has 50% winning chances. A player must decide how many coins to bet daily, weekly, and monthly. The bankroll can grow over time based on wins. Define profits and losses: Set the profit goals and loss limits for professionally managing the bankroll.
  • Consider the cost: The size of the bet determines this. Consider the risk level, profit goal, and current streak for this.
  • Select case judiciously: Always take it easy. Involving more cases is not a good idea. It is better to battle with 5 to 10 cases. 
  • Try crazy mode: It is a good idea when luck does not favor, and one has not reached the loss limit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I claim a bonus on CSGORoll Coinflip?

Yes. Players can claim free coins by using promotional codes.

Is CSGORoll Coinflip free?

No. one needs to bet using coins. Players can deposit using PayPal, credit/Debit card, Nettler, Skrill, Cryptos, or CSGO Skins.

Is CSGORoll Coinflip Provably Fair?

Yes. All outcomes are random and transparent.

Can I play CSGORoll Dice Duels for free?

No. However, players can use the free coins for the first Dice Duel.

Are CSGORoll Dice Duels legit?

Yes. The games are provably fair and deliver random results without any bias.

Is it possible to play CSGORoll Dice Duels against a Bot?

Yes. Players not wanting to wait for others to join might play against the CSGORoll bot.

Is it possible to win rare skins through case battles?

Yes. However, it depends on case selection. Players going for rare and premium cases stand more chances to win rare skins. 

Can we have welcome bonuses for CSGORoll case battles?

Yes. Players need to use promo codes to win free coins and bonuses on deposits.

Are CSGORoll case battles legit?

Yes. As the games are provably fair, players can play with confidence. 

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