CSGO Roll Plinko, Crash and Roulette Guide

If you’re a fan of high-risk, high-rewards games, CSGORoll is the perfect platform for you. 

Players can enjoy the thrill of Plinko, Crash, and Roulette on the CSGO platform, with potentially lucrative rewards. If you’re still debating whether to join the CSGO platform and play Plinko, Crash, or Roulette, this guide is here to help.

1. CSGORoll Plinko Betting

Playing Plinko

Csgoroll Plinko Betting

Players can play it at low-risk level, medium-risk, and high-risk levels. Follow the below steps for Plinko betting on it.

  • Set the bet 
  • Select rows (between 8 and 16)
  • Choose low, medium, or high-risk payout mode
  • Click on ‘Place Your Bet’
  • Let the ball and discover the prize.

Strategies & Tactics

Players should:

  • Set up the Bankroll for Plinko:  Players must keep an exclusively small bankroll as the game is purely luck-driven. It will protect coins from bad streaks that will likely happen while playing.
  • Set the profit goals and loss limits: It is essential for every CSGORoll game. It indicates the time to end the session and try another day to stay profitable in the long run.
  • Follow Martingale’s strategy: It works nicely when a player only plays in low-risk mode within 8 to 10 rows. Since one can lose a maximum of 55% of the bet, one can mitigate the risk by doubling the losing bet. 
  • Shoot for the stars: It is a nice way to gamble when paying in the high-risk mode within 12 to 16 rows. Players must keep the bet size the same for at least ten rounds. But if the loss exceeds 50% of the wager for the day, they must quit and try another day.

2. CSGORoll Crash Betting

Csgoroll Crash Betting

Players can play it through the below steps.

  • Place the bet
  • Choose the multiplier to get out (e.g., 2X)
  • Wait as the multiplier shoots up
  • Winning players get corresponding prizes.
  • A player loses the bet if the multiplier crashes earlier.

The game is easy to play and is one of the top CSGO gambling games at CSGORoll.

Odds of CSGORoll Crash

While predicting when the multiplier will crash is impossible, most crashes happen below 2X.

The stats show that the multiplier has a 50% probability of crashing between 1X and 1.5X. Setting the bet at 2X or more will likely liquidate the balance in the long run.  

However, big wins of 10X and beyond are possible. Around 8% of crashes happen between 10X and 100X, leaving scope for big wins for lucky players!

Strategies & Tactics

Players should be

  • Setting Up the Bet Size, Profit Goals & Loss Limits: Starters need to decide the bet amount for every round, profit goals, and loss limits to keep impulses under control.
  • Setting a low multiplier: As more than 50% of crashes happen between 1.00X and 1.50X, it is logical to set the multiplier within this range. This approach works best in the long run. 
  • Shooting for the stars: 8% of crashes happen between 10X and 100X, so one can play one or two bets daily in the above range after playing 13 to 15 back2back rounds in the lower range. 

3. CSGORoll Roullete Betting

Csgoroll Roullete Betting

Roullete workings

It has four betting options: red, black, green, and BaitBet. Players need to bet on the option they think will hit. They get the following payouts.

  • Red: 2X
  • Black: 2X
  • Green: 14X
  • BaitBet: 7X

Players can bet any amount of coins, wait for the spinning of the Roulette, and receive corresponding prizes.

Odds of CSGORoll Roulette

Red and black pay 2X the bet, and green pay 14X the bet. They have the following probabilities.

  • Red: 46.66%
  • Black: 46.66%
  • Green: 6.66%

While some players advise betting on one color, that is not a good idea. It is because a specific color might only appear for a few rounds. And the opposite also happens. It indicates that nasty streaks can be more frequent than one thinks. 

Strategies & Tactics

Players should have the following approaches.

  • Defining the amount to gamble: Players must fix how much to assign to the bankroll, bet size, and profit target—all these help to have a positive mindset to reduce losses and retain profits.

Adopting brilliant double down: 

  • Players should wait for a color to have 6 to 8 back2back wins and bet on the opposite color. Withdraw the profit in case of wins, and wait for another pattern. And double down the bet until you win or hit the loss limit.
  • Hunting down the green: Green gives 14X the bet and has a low probability. Players can bet on Green if that appears one or two times.


Is CSGO Roll Legit?

The platform offers provably fair games. The results are fair, random, and transparent.

Is there a welcome bonus for playing Plinko?

Yes. Players can sign up via promo code to claim free coins.

What is the best bet for Plinko?

It is better to go for high risks mode. 

They have the same odds with high payouts. Also, reduce the bet for many tries until you gate a high-paying bucket.

Is there a welcome bonus for playing Crash?

Yes. Players can sign up via promo code to claim free coins.

What is the most significant crash multiplier?

The most significant multiplier recorded is 1321643.25. 

While it can make one rich, big wins are only 0.09% of crashes. Above 50% of crashes happen between 1.00X and 1.50 X. This makes the game exciting and risky.

How to beat the Roulette?

Watch out for patterns like back2back wins of a particular color and bet on the opposite.

How does the triple green Jackpot work?

One win by placing a bet on any of them when three greens are in a row. However, the payment depends on the wager amount of the round.

Is it possible to win real money in Roulette?

Yes. Players can always exchange won coins with cryptos and withdraw.

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