Roobet Mines Betting Guide

Mine betting on Roobet is one of the most exciting forms of online gambling available today. It’s a game of chance, with players betting on the outcome of a game of luck. 

It provides a thrilling experience for players looking for something different from traditional online casino games. 

In this guide, we’ll explain the basics of Mines betting on Roobet, the different types of bets available, and how to make the most of the game. From understanding the rules to mastering the strategies, this guide will help you become a Mines betting master.

What is “Mines” On Roobet

Roobet’s Mines is an exclusive version of the original “Minesweeper”. It delivers next-level gaming experiences with fun and entertainment. The game starts with a grid of 25 squares. 

Players have to choose the number of bombs hidden under them. You can select anything from one to 24 bombs, leaving the grid only one empty square.

The players can uncover each square after choosing the number of empty and hidden squares. A multiplier appears on the board when a player successfully avoids a bomb, and the player can cash out the win.

The multiplier varies with the number of hidden bombs and the empty squares to be uncovered. If the 25 squares have only one hidden bomb and you can dodge it, you win 1.21X of the bet amount. Failure to doge a bomb causes an explosion, and you lose the wagered amount.

Steps To Play Roobet Mines

Follow these simple steps to play.

Step 1: Visit and register/log in.
Step 2: Enter the bet amount.

Mines Betting On Roobet
Step 3: Select bomb numbers for dodging.
Step 4: Click “Start Game” to begin.
Step 5: Avoid the mines.
Step 6: Receive prizes according to the multiplier if you win.

Winning Chances

The exact formula behind the Mines multiplier is secret. One can estimate the numbers behind winning strategies.

Highest Winning Scenario

Uncovering one space with a single bomb on the board has the highest winning percentage. Considering the 300 other possible scenarios, it has a 96% success rate with a 1.01x multiplier.

Lowest winning Scenario

When there are 13 bombs with 12 squares to uncover or vice versa, it has the lowest winning percentage. Both scenarios have a 0.000019% success rate with a 5,044,290.05x multiplier.

Scenarios With The Best And Worst Expected Values

Having two bombs with four uncovered spaces and the opposite has a 70% success rate with a 1.39x multiplier. It features unique odds, and the expected value is -2.7%.

A variety of scenarios could have the worst possible expected values. They include four bombs, one space uncovered (and the opposite), and two bombs with one uncovered space. The expected value is -3.4%.

Adopting different strategies

Winning depends on chance and luck. It is difficult to frame the right strategy and implement it. Players can control returns and avoid bankruptcy by applying feasible strategies.

Less is more

Some gamblers head for too much. Relaxed gaming, enjoyment, and the experience yield a rewarding feeling. Winning on Roobet Mines is all about playing constantly. Avoid flamboyance and play straight.

Testing Gambling Approach

Most gamblers start looking for empty spaces when they enter a bet amount. It is not the ideal approach.  

Never expose unnecessarily. Start with 0.01% of your balance. Opt for fewer bombs and more empty squares. It helps to identify the winning pattern. 

Cash-out after every win

It is better to cash out when six to eight empty spaces have no bombs. 

Always stay within your financial limit, and never be swept with emotions. Only confident and wise actions help long-time gambling.

Frequently asked questions

Are The Bet Results Legit?

Yes. Roobet Mines has a Provably Fair System. All results are transparent and 100% legit.

Can I play for free?

No. You have to wager a certain amount for playing. However, you can play the demo version or claim a bonus using the promo code.

What is the best strategy for winning?

Mines have endless possibilities. No fixed strategy always works.

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