A guide to Roulette Betting on Roobet

Think of online casinos, and Roulette will immediately come to your mind. Roobet offers chances to win big prizes by playing Roulette online. 

It is an easy game with simple navigation. It has great odds of winning. This guide aims to show how to bet on Roobet Roulette.

Roobet Roulette Basics

It does not include the traditional black, green, and red. It runs with a horizontal wheel that runs faster until stopping at a determined symbol.

The wheel symbols are metal coins. You can bet on bronze, silver, and gold colors. Wagering Roulette on Roobet includes the following steps.

Step 1: Visit Roobet.com/Roulette and register or log in.

 Step 2: Enter the bet amount.

Bet Amount In Roobet

 Step 3: Click the coin to bet on.

 Step 4: Wait for the Roulette wheel to spin.

 Step 5: If the wheel stops on the chosen coin, you win according to the multiplier.

 Step 6: Withdraw or try again if the wheel does not stop on the chosen coin.

Odds and infrastructure

The bronze and silver coins offer 1:1 odds. And the odds for gold are 13:1. So you get $1 for every bet on bronze & silver and $13 for every bet on gold. 

Calculating the Expected value 

The expected value denotes the average amount of wins or losses per game after betting many times. If you have played Roulette 10,000 times in a week and lost $100 in total, the expected value is $0.01 lost on average.

Multiply the amount won by the winning probability. Now subtract the product probability of losing and the amount lost from this. It will give the expected value.

Numbers never lie

It has seven bronze, seven silver, and one gold coin. Betting $1 on bronze or silver coin yields 7/15 chances to win and 8/15 to lose a dollar. 

But if you bet $1 on gold, you have a 1/15 chance to win and a 14/15 chance to lose $13. 

It indicates that around 46.6% of spins are likely to land on bronze or silver coins, and around 6.7% are expected to land on gold coins.

The best strategies

While playing Roulette is less risky than playing Crash and other games, you need solid strategies to make profits.

 Some might think that wagering on bronze or silver is the best way. But that may not be profitable, as Roulette is a random game and offers no sustainability.

Martingale may not be the best.

Martingale is about multiplying the bet with every loss and returning to the base amount after a win. While many players use the Martingale strategy in Roulette, it might not yield the desired result on Roobet. 

It is because all Roobet spins are independent and have no connection with any earlier spin.

The Paroli Solution

It is a renowned strategy for playing Roulette. It allows surfing winning streaks and is opposite to the Martingale strategy.

 You need to double the bet amount for every win until the stoppage of the winning streak. 

But where should you stop? In the Paroli strategy, you should change the coin or withdraw the prize after three back2back wins.

Frequently asked questions

Is Roobet Roulette legit?

Roobet is a transparent casino. It includes provably fair games and yields random results. You can check the results of the previous 100 games by clicking on the ‘Fair” tab.

Is it possible to get a welcome bonus?

You can earn Robidos as a welcome bonus using the special promo code. 

Is Martingale the best solution for winning Roulette?

While the strategy might work for a few wins, it might not yield the expected results after a certain period.

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