Biggest Wins on Roobet Casino! Top 3 Roobet Crash Big Wins!

Top 3 Roobet Crash Big Wins!

We’ve got some biggest roobet wins down below, but first look at these Top 3 Roobet Crash Big Wins of this week …

There were juicy big wins on Roobet Crash this week!
Amanda23 took home $1,335 after a 89x multiplier
Johny8 altered his $10 wager into $1540 thanks to a 154X multiplier!
One Lucky Roobetter is bringing us all out for dessert, after hitting a juicy 558X multiplier!

Bcgame Luckyspins 1 Bitcoin Reward

So we had Top 3 Roobet Crash Big Wins of this week … But look at this potential of this Crash flight!
Could you imagine betting just $0,01 on this crazy round ??!

Casino Roobet Crash Big Wins

Let’s see the Biggest Roobet Win of this week

Holy Fruit Party

One lucky Roobetter took home one of the biggest win on roobet $103,800 on Fruit Party. That’s a big truckload of fruit!

Crypto Casino Roobet Biggest Jackpot

There’s a new sheriff in town

Roobetter illw1ll1 stuffed $40,198 into the saddlebags aftter loading up a 11,166x multiplier on the new town favorite, Dead or Alive 2

Top Slot Winners Casino Roobet Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Ethereum

Get Fruity

That’s a lot of Xs – Treswaq knocked out another one of those typical Dead or Alive 2 wins, pulling 24,498X their modest $0.18 wager, and netting $4,410!
Stick ’em Up

Cryptocurrency Casino Roobet Best Multiplier

Well, that was easy

We had to bang the side of the computer a few times to make sure this thing was reading right.

Does that say 39,744x? Sure does.

And that’s how EatingBoss turned a $0.50 wager into $19,872 on Scudamore. Look who’s eatin’ baby yeah!

Some clear favorites

Wow, well if you like to bet with the crowd – here’s your hitlist! These casino slots keep showing up!
• Pokern00b took home $41,395 after hitting a 331x on Sweet Bonanza
• Jddlne took home a whopping $32,900 on Fruit Party. That’s a big plate of pineapple!
• Roobetter Cinono looted $5,974 after hitting 6,637x on Dead or Alive 2

Biggest Wins On Roobet Casino Slot Machines Crazy Multiplier Cryptocurrency

The old Dogs, and a newcomer

Check out some of the familiar faces in these honorable mentions!
Jddlne stepped into The Dog House and trained it to bark out $16,375, thanks to a 1,170x multiplier on a $14 wager
Jsmooth23 took home $11,391 from a 6,328x multiplier on Dead or Alive 2
Ajerin750 bagged up $11,636 after a 2,327x multiplier on Millionaire

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See you tomorrow!

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