How to Getting Started with an Online Betting Affiliate Program?

The online betting affiliate program is nothing but a platform that will be in partnership with different online casino games. The main goal of the platform is to get new customers and for this, it is essential to advertise regularly about the online casinos.

In this online betting affiliate, they will offer a commission for each player who visits the site or plays the game using the unique affiliate links. The betting affiliate site is mainly to promote the online gambling businesses that will result in earning a good amount of money.

So, before you plan to earn handsome of money in the online betting affiliate, you need to know how to become one in this platform.

10 Best Affiliate Programs for Online Betting Sites:

What is an online betting affiliate program and how does it work?

The online betting affiliate program is nothing but an online platform where it will pay the online merchants for every new customer. It will offer commission every time a new customer is entering the online betting platform.

The best thing about the online betting affiliate program is that here you can earn a lot of money but you need to work a lot. There are no specific rules for becoming an affiliate, as anyone can sign up for an online affiliate account.

Once the account has been created, they will be given some custom links that are used to track the visitors who are visiting the casino site. If the players click the link and started playing the game and earning real money, the affiliates will be getting the commissions.

But there is no guarantee that all the players will click your link. The affiliates will not only get money for the referral, but their commission started getting increase if the referral starts placing the real bet. The online casino is a large world that is filled with a multitude of affiliates.

Online Betting Affiliate Program

Steps to follow to become an Online Betting Affiliate:

If you want to become a successful online betting affiliate, then it requires a lot of effort and time. Also, you need to be stay alert as the process will involve a lot of training and experience. Let’s find out the steps of becoming a successful online betting affiliate;

  1. Know the working process

The working process of an online betting affiliate is that you will be sending new customers to the casino platform in one way or the other. If a new affiliate program is signing up, then you will be getting the tracking links.

The tracking link will follow the registration and the activity of the player who clicks that specific link. Based on that, you will be receiving the commission for every player.

  1. How to get players to sign-up

Once you have understood the process behind the betting affiliate platform, the next step is to find creative ways to approach the players. Among all the ways, the best way is the SEO affiliate where you will build one or multiple sites in different casino terms to get rank in Google.

Here you need to struggle hard to get a better margin as the number of competitors will be high. Also, to start such an affiliate platform requires a little capital, so it will be suitable for professionals rather than beginners.

  1. Build your site

It will take a lot of time to make your site looks better and also maybe you will need an experienced team. The website will also need a good domain, web hosting service, and a WordPress theme.

A good site should have a system that will guide or target the specific customer. If your site offers advice for beginners on online games, then you will get more new customers. You will need of site, as running your site is the most important step in the online betting affiliate.

  1. Get the tracking links

The final step in the process of becoming an online betting affiliate is to get customized tracking links. Now, it’s time to catch your referral partners, and for this, you need to contact them through various sources and inform them that there is betting affiliate program available.

Based on the affiliate platform, the revenue share will vary. Once you are done with the sign-up process, you need to give your payment details. There is a dashboard that will help you to understand how many sign-up and first depositing customers you have sent each month.

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How many Affiliates can Earn?

Most betting affiliate programs will come with three different types of payment options;

  • Revenue Share

Here, the marketers will earn a certain percentage from the client’s referral losses. For example, if you have a 30% of revenue plan and you are sending a new customer to the online betting, who losses $100 on betting, then you will earn $30. This type of payment option will offer you an income for a longer period.

  • CPA

The CPA is nothing but here you will be paid based on the specific action. If you are sending a new customer to the online betting, then you will get a certain commission which is for one time. After that, you won’t get any future deposits or income from the losses of the player.

  • Hybrid Plan

The hybrid plan is a combination of both revenue and CPA plan. Here, you will get a commission when the new customer is done with the registration and deposit, and also you will be paying in the future for their losses and deposits.

Some affiliates offer only one payment option, while the other offers all three. Also, the payment will be settled every month or twice a month which varies with the platform.

Bottom Line:

The above information is enough to start an online betting affiliate business. But always remember that once you started the business, you need to know about the social media marketing strategy to target your audience. The betting affiliates will provide plenty of opportunities to earn more money, but for that, you need to know how to use it in the right way.