Best Cases with a Maximum Profit on HellCase

The unboxing case is a popular gaming option in the CSGO arena. You may be playing case opening on HellCase, and thinking about how to reward yourself with the best cases for maximizing your profit. 

We will explore how to get the most out of the money invested at one of the most well-known sites in the CSGO world of un-boxing cases. Your Guess is right. We will discuss which cases to open on it to earn maximum profit.

We have tested HellCase before, and based on that review, we are sure that it is a legit site and that they will pay out the money. 

However, the platform has only one downside; the crates’ prices are slightly higher. Despite that, one can still make substantial earnings from them by playing right.

This article is based on our experiences and how we made money through un-boxing skins. Let us plunge into the moneymaking arena of case opening on HellCase and how to earn maximum profit.

Making money by opening cases is similar to the other gambling forms. It is influenced by luck, time, research, and, most importantly, play balance. When one is sure about these factors, one needs to know whether one wants to adopt them for the short or long term. 

One needs to plan assets carefully to achieve maximum rewards in the long run.

Let’s start!

Let us consider the short-term profits first and then discuss turning the short-term plan to achieve a sustainable long-term plan. 

People would prefer this if they are starting their journey or have low capital. We have also followed the same. Lucky people can earn revenue quickly here. 

Best Cases on HellCase

The Mil-Spec and the Restricted ones are the best cases to open with limited money.

The Mill Spec

Priced at $0.30, it is very cheap. Opening this one usually gets rewarded with skins starting from $0.03 and above. One can get even from $5.00 to $7.00 if lucky.

The trick is to open cases continuously as they are very cheap and pray to RNGesus to drop something above $0.30. Once a player gets an item of that amount, the player earns it.

The Restricted boxes

Restricted Case In Hellcase

These are fairly priced at $1.50. Open enough of these cases, and those will entail a considerable profit. The boxes have many items, and 40% of them guarantee to earn some revenue depending on the condition. One needs to have a considerable capital investment to open many boxes. 

These crates involve a much higher cost than the Mil-Spec boxes, giving one more earnings than one could get by opening previous cases. Accordingly, the risk involved is a little more.

The next step

So, by now, you have opened both Mil-Spec and Restricted boxes. Naturally, you are likely to have many skins whose value is less than what you paid as the price of the cases.

Do not fret. Keeping hose skins and trading those up for items with a rarity above will be practical. Better take advantage of the Contract feature. It allows one to trade ten skins at lower prices with one with a higher price tag. 

If ten weapons cost $0.10 each, one can put those in a contract on the platform and select an item valued at $1.00 or less. One should continue the trade-up activity till one gets the skin one wants to withdraw or sell back. It helps to get money for playing around.

One more step

One needs to have a lot of luck and money for this. While a player should follow the above steps for a long-term plan, it requires serious dedication and deep pockets to make this possible. 

The process involves high risk and reward, and one must regard it as a typical short-term plan as the cases are fairly expensive.

These include a lot of crates in the middle range and expensive ranges like various knives and weapons. Their price tag for weapon boxes varies from $5.00 and the knife crates to $105.00. Combo kits containing multiple items are also available.

These items are priced between $15.00 and $ 50.00. But those come with a low yield of return. A player must open Diamond boxes to maximize profit in short-term methods.

Diamond Boxes

Diamond Case

They are the most expensive on this platform. While these cost $200.00, they will likely give the highest rewards from case opening. 

The items include AWP Dragon Lore and the rare M4A4 Howl costing over $1000.00, depending on the quality.

Moreover, it includes the AK 47 Fire Serpent, AWP Medusa, Karambit Case Hardened, and Karambit Marble Fade. Depending on the condition, these price tags range from $400.00 to $900.00.

Suppose a player is lucky enough and gets them while opening boxes. 

It instantly yields double or triple the investment. There is no doubt that some items will be there that cost less than the price of the cases.

It is no problem; if one has enough of them and does not want them, one can always avail of the contract feature of HellCase and trade those up.


Overall, it is a lucrative proposition to make profits by un-boxing skins. The process could be extremely enjoyable and rewarding if one is lucky and could be utterly frustrating when Lady Luck does not favor. 

However, one thing is constant as in other industries. One needs dedication to make money. If one has a mind to make it rewarding, one should start with the Mil-Spec and Restricted cases and gradually work the way up. 

One learns a while traversing the hard road, and the assets last longer as one takes laser risks instead of opting for the expensive modes immediately.

Ing. Imrich Straka
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As Head of Publishers and Content Creators, I was also CSGO and Crypto Casino long-time Player, with a lot of Betting and Gambling Skills. I am Writing Articles, especially Reviews of the Most popular Crypto Gambling Sites, based on my own Experiences. The most important idea that I learned is to keep it fun and play responsibly :)